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Are you Puzzled about Long-term Preservation of Electronic Records?

November 18, 2016 Comments off

Free Practical Digital Preservation Training


We know many of our record officers are looking for more information about managing electronic records. The Council of State Archives (CoSA) and Preservica have come together to provide even more training webinars for managers, information officers, and records officers.  CoSA’s Press Release defines their Online Briefings Program as follows:

“How‐To” Webinar Series

For Practitioners at State Archives and Agencies
These webinars furnish practical information for archivists and records managers who work with electronic records and will include speakers from state archives or other government organizations who have direct experience with the topic at hand.

Digital Preservation Storage Choices (Dec. 13: 2‐3pm EST)
Connecting Digital Preservation with Catalog Systems (Jan. 10: 2‐3pm EST)
Preserving and Protecting Audio‐visual Files (April 11: 2‐3pm EST)
Preserving Digitized State Government Records (May 9: 2‐3pm EST)
Best Practices in Digital Preservation: International Perspectives  (June 13:               10am‐12pm EST)

Protecting and Preserving Long‐Term Digital Information

For IT Professionals & Practitioners (Jan. 24: 2‐3pm EST)
A guest speaker from the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) will discuss the importance of making this a priority for state agencies in today’s information‐driven world

The Governance of Long‐Term Digital Information

For Senior Managers, Decision Makers & Practitioners (May 23: 2‐3pm EST)
The briefing will include speakers from institutions that have implemented a digital preservation strategy and will highlight the importance of making this a collaborative relationship between IT, records managers and state archives.

Digital Preservation 101: Putting Digital Preservation into Action

For Practitioners and Records Officers at State Archives and Agencies
Focusing on the needs and concerns of state government records officers, this online workshop is divided into three, one‐hour sessions that will be delivered in consecutive weeks.

Part 1: Practical training in the key concepts (Feb. 14: 2‐3pm EST)
Part 2: Practical training in the key concepts (Feb. 28: 2‐3pm EST)
Part 3: Case Studies (March 14: 2‐3pm)

More information about the webinars and registration can be found on the CoSA website.

Getting closer! Only 3 more days!

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Getting closer! Only 3 days until Everybody Wins! Records Management Teamwork. This is a conference that your team does not want to miss! Come together, learn together, and [possibly] win together!

For the next 2 days we will highlight our all-star conference team players! Share the excitement with your team—the more the merrier! Registration is still open for in-person and online attendance, the event is free to attend. We look forward to seeing all of you on October 6th!

Panel Discussion: Managing Electronic Records

DFlemingPhoto1.jpgDavid Fleming is the Corporate Records Program Manager for Zions Bancorporation where he works closely with executive and business unit management, Legal, and IT to develop information management and legal discovery strategy and processes for the corporation. Outside of work David serves as ARMA Pacific Region Coordinator and is the current Chair Pro Tem of the Utah State Records Committee. David is a Certified Records Manager (CRM), a Certified Information Governance Professional (IGP) and a Certified Information Professional (CIP).

esjames23editJames Duckett has been the Technology Division Manager for the City of St. George for nine years, where he has combine two of his lifelong passions: working (playing) with technology and building the best IT team possible.




rebekkahshawRebekkah Shaw joined the Archives team in May 2008 after earning her degree at Utah State University. She has been the project leader in updating the general retention schedules since February 2013.





Attend in-person or participate online, the event is free! The conference will be held at the Miller Free Enterprise Center, 9750 S. 300 W. in Sandy, UT in an auditorium with stadium seating. Online participants will join using Adobe Connect, instructions will be sent out closer to the event.

To register visit our website, and select “Training and Events” under the “Quick Links Section”. Registration instructions are also available on the Open Records Portal’s “Help Center”.


Wondering what to do with your social media accounts? Texts? Emails?

October 9, 2015 2 comments

Happy Electronic Records Day!

Are you wondering what to do with your social media accounts, texts, or emails? On this Electronic Records Day, consider these points to help keep your agency out of legal trouble and to ensure that critical records are preserved.

electronic records logo_2015_ns_native_png

Tips for Managing Electronic Communications in Government

  • Content, not format is important. Just as you wouldn’t keep a letter on yellow paper longer than one on white paper just because of its color, you wouldn’t keep or destroy communication based solely on format. Whether a message is sent via email, text, social media or other means, the content of the message is what determines its value and retention.
  • If public business is being conducted, it’s a record. There are three general schedules to help you assess whether the correspondence is transitory, administrative, or executive, and how long it needs to be kept.
  • Public business on private accounts is still public. As recent news stories and court cases have shown, private accounts or personal devices are subject to public records laws if they are used to conduct public business. This helps ensure transparency in government and ensures accountability of public employees and officeholders.
  • Avoid combining public & private communications. In the event of a records request through GRAMA or e-discovery, someone may search through your correspondence. Keep personal and business communications separate if you wish to protect your privacy.
  • Is there a policy for that? Government agencies should have policies in place that clearly lay out how each communication technology should be used, set limits on what content may be transmitted by such technologies, and outline procedures for retention, retrieval, preservation and disposition of communication content. Both record and non-record communication should be addressed.
  • Understand third-party tools. Using social media or text messages for government communication complicates the process of capturing and preserving records, since these platforms are typically operated by parties outside of government. Agencies must clearly understand the limits and user agreements of the technologies being used and plan for records management before information requests come in.
  • Consider how frequently you will need to capture information on your agency’s social media sites. This will depend on how frequently the content changes, the quantity of the content, the stability of the networking site, and the functionality of the tools available for extracting the information from the site.
  • Think hard about BYOD. Both records management and information security can be a challenge when allowing employees to use their own devices for public work. Clear policies regarding the use of such devices are essential, as are plans for retrieval of record information from those devices. Mobile Device Management software can help, but only if implemented properly.

electronic records logo_2015_native

Thank you to CoSA for their hard work and their support in raising awareness of the importance of electronic records management.

New Fee Schedule for Reformatting Services

June 30, 2015 4 comments

We want to make you aware of a change in fees for our reformatting services.  Charges for the last fiscal year as well as this year are below and attached at the end for download.

Reformatting Charges

Copy of 2015-2016 charges

Spotlight on Records Officers

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Spotlight On Records Officers

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Electronic Records Day

October 10, 2013 Comments off

                   The Council of State Archivists (CoSA) is celebrating Electronic Records Day today, October 10, 2013. CoSA is distributing a brief release which highlights some electronic records management challenges. It is designed to raise awareness and remind everyone of the importance of managing and preserving electronic records. Take a moment to review 10 reasons for e-records 2013. Electronic records are fragile and will not survive without management and care. Celebrate Electronic Records Day by doing something to make a difference.

                  Speaking of electronic records, thank you to all who participated in Archives electronic records conference last week. Thanks to presenters: Rich Mrazik (Parsons, Bahle, and Latimer); Scott W. Robertson (Park City); Yvonne Christensen (Davis County); Marilee Richins (Department of Administrative Services); Daryl Downs (LDS Church); Gina Strack (Utah State Archives); Paul Tonks (Attorney General’s Office); and Lorianne Ouderkirk (Utah State Archives). Thank you to each person who attended, and especially thanks to Lorianne for her work in planning this event.