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Public Service Recognition Week: Meet the Archives Management Team

May 12, 2017 Comments off

Meet the Archives Management Team

By Ken Williams

As part of Utah’s Public Service Recognition Week, we want to honor the men and women of the Utah State Archives and Records Service who work to ensure the management, preservation, and access to governmental records.

The State Archives management team provides leadership to the various sections and programs within the Archives. The sections and programs work together to assist governmental entities to manage their records efficiently, to preserve records of enduring value, and to provide quality access to public information.


Rosemary Cundiff began her state service in 2000 when she joined the records processing section. She currently works as the Government Records Ombudsman and Records Services Coordinator. In the ombudsman role she serves as a resource for people making government records requests or appealing denials of requests. She also mediates disputes between requesters and responders and works to facilitate a positive outcome. Rosemary’s knowledge and expertise with the Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA) often finds her conducting training on records issues, interacting with agency records officers, and overseeing all aspects of records services.


Jim Kichas started his state service in 2002 as a member of the Archives’ records processing team. Currently, as Patron Services Coordinator, he oversees all aspects of patron services including records processing and reformatting, reference services, management of the Archives Repository (which is powered by an automated storage and retrieval system), the digital archives and electronic records program, and the volunteer/intern program which supports archives activities and projects. Jim has also been active for several years in Archives Month and is president-elect for the Conference of Inter-Mountain Archivists.


Alan Barnett has been with the State Archives since 2003. He is the manager of the Research Center and also a records processing archivist. Alan’s expertise in records acquisition, records processing, and preservation often finds him advising state agencies engaged in preserving and making available the State’s historical records. He works closely with the Archives’ local government and regional repository programs to assist archivists in the preservation and care of their records.



Kendra Yates has been with the State Archives since 2014. She first came to the Archives as a records analyst and now serves as the Records Management section manager. Kendra recently completed her Certified Public Manager training and a year-long project creating the training “Records Management Essentials.” In addition to her management duties, Kendra serves as the records analyst for elected offices, legislative offices, and Utah’s district courts.



Lisa Catano came to the State Archives in 2016. She manages the State Records Center located at the Clearfield Freeport Center. The Records Center houses over 135,000 cubic feet of records and the permanent microfilm vault. As manager, Lisa oversees the transfer and storage of records to the center and the final disposition of records (either destroyed according to established retention schedules or transferred to the State Archives for permanent preservation). Recently, Lisa and her colleagues completed certification as forklift and equipment operators.



Brian Carpenter has been with the State Archives since 2001. Brian came to the Archives from Ithaca, New York, where he worked for Cornell University’s micrographics department. Prior to Cornell, Brian also served in the U. S. Air Force where he processed top-secret aerial photographs. Brian’s extensive background in microphotography serves him well as the manager of the Archives’ reformatting section where various types of reformatting can be provided to state agencies, local governmental entities, and the Archives itself.


You can meet more of our staff through out our blog posts, both here and on our Researching the Utah State Archives blog.

Thank you for joining us this week to recognize the hard work of our wonderful employees here at Utah’s Division of State Archives and Records Service. We are proud of all they do to ensure that Utah’s future generations will have access to the stories of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Public Service Recognition Week: Meet the Records Center Section

May 10, 2017 Comments off

Meet the Records Center Section

by Lisa Catano, Records Center Manager

As part of Utah’s Public Service Recognition Week, we want to honor the men and women of the Utah State Archives and Records Service who work to ensure the management and preservation of and access to our governmental records.

The Records Center is a secure warehouse in Clearfield currently housing 135,288 boxes for government agencies. Our team is responsible for sending files requested by the agency, keeping track of the records dispositions and accessioning boxes. I would like to introduce two records technicians here at the Records Center.

Moh Picture


Moh Miller has been an asset to our Records Center since 2015.  She is clear-sighted and knowledgeable in the tasks and operations of the Records Center. Moh is loved by our customers and those of us that have the privilege to work with her.  ​It is my honor and privilege to recognize Moh for her amazing public service.


Allen Picture



Allen Gugliemotto started as a volunteer with the Archives/Record Center in 2009. He lives to serve and brighten the days of all he comes in contact with. His attention to detail and excellent customer service makes it a pleasure to work with Allen​.He is an integral part of the success of the Records Center. It is my pleasure to recognize Allen for his public service.



Thank Moh and Allen for your dedication and hard work in assisting our governmental agencies in the management of their records.


Join the State Archives in recognizing them along with other employees in blog posts throughout the week, both here and on our blog, Researching the Utah State Archives.

Public Service Recognition Week

May 8, 2017 Comments off

Governor Gary Herbert has declared May 7-13 to be “Public Service Recognition Week.” Here at the Utah State Archives and Records Service, we wanted to honor the men and women who work diligently to assist Utah governmental agencies in the efficient management of their records, to preserve those records of enduring value, and to provide quality access to public information.

This week, we will have a number of blog posts highlighting our employees and their contributions to our institution’s mission.

We truly appreciate those that dedicate their lives to assisting our governmental agencies in the management and preservation of our history for the generations to come.

Patricia Smith-Mansfield

State Archivist/Director



Navigating the New Archives Website: Records Transfer and Retrieval Forms

The Utah State Archives launched it’s new website in December. The most notable changes were made to the redesign and navigation of the Records Management page and the creation of two new pages: Micrographics and Open Records. Additionally, the new website provides an “I want to….” menu in the footer of each page.

Records officers needing to transfer records to the Records Center in Clearfield, or that need to retrieve files already in storage, may have had difficulty locating the necessary forms to complete these tasks.

The records transfer form is found in several places on the new website:

1. In the “I want to…” footer.

Records officers should select “I want to transfer records.”

I wan to

I want to transfer records.

You will then be redirected to the “Records Storage” page (which can also be found under Records Management).  On the records storage page, select “Transfer Records”.

To retrieve records already in storage, select Records Center File Retrieval Form”.

transfer sheet

Records Transfer Sheet


The “I want to…” navigation feature is available on the main Archives webpage and all records management pages.

2. From the main page (

Records officers can find the records transfer sheet, and all other forms, on the main Archives webpage.

Archives main page

Archives main page

To find a list of all Archives forms use the navigation menu on the right-hand side of the website. Select “Archives Forms”.

The records transfer sheet is listed under the “Records Management” section.


Take a minute to review all of the forms on our website, many have been revised and updated.

Archives Forms

Archives Forms

3. From the records management page (

Records officers can access the records transfer sheet and record retrieval form in two places on the records management main page.

First, from the right-hand navigation menu, under “Forms” (this link does not contain the same list of forms as you found on the main archives webpage).

Records Management forms

Records Management forms

Second, from the “Records Storage” button on the Records Management main page. Once the “Records Storage” page has opened, select “Transfer Records” to complete the records transfer form. Select “Records Center Retrieval Form” to receive records already in storage at the Records Center facility in Clearfield, UT.

Records Storage options

Select “Records Storage”

If you need additional assistance locating information on our new website, please call us at:

(801) 531-3863

or send an email to:

January ARMA Utah Chapter Meeting: How to Build a Retention Schedule

January 7, 2013 Comments off

The first monthly chapter meeting for 2013 will be held in downtown Salt Lake at the LDS Church History Library on January 17th from 11:45 AM to 1:00 PM. An optional tour of the facility will be available after the normal monthly meeting for those who desire to get a behind the scenes look at the Church’s Archives.

The primary focus of this month’s meeting will be presenting an approach for developing a retention schedule, and how to win executive support for the new schedule. Daryl Downs, CRM, will be presenting a “how to” build your retention schedule; and Alan Johnson, director of the CHL library division, will discuss approaches to gaining executive support.

Come and participate in this month’s meeting.

A RSVP is requested for those planning on attending.

To RSVP please contact Tracy Hansen at ASAP.

Online Records Officer Certification Training is Now Available

January 2, 2013 Comments off

Effective January 1, 2013, all records officers for the state of Utah are required to take annual Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA) training. This training is to be completed online. The Utah State Archives has posted the required training to our website.

63G-2-108.   Certification of records officer.
Each records officer of a governmental entity or political subdivision shall, on an annual basis, successfully complete online training and obtain certification from state archives in accordance with Section 63A-12-110. (emphasis added)

Records Officers are invited to review the certification manual and complete the exam at their convenience, but not later than December 31, 2013.

Records officers will be receiving an email from the Archives this week with a link to the exam.


Frequently Asked Questions


Who is required to take this exam?

All records officers employed by a state agency, local government, special service district, school district, and/or any other publicly funded entity.

What is a records officer?

Records officers are government employees that have been appointed by their entity’s Chief Administrative Officer (CAO).

The chief administrative officer of each governmental entity shall:

(2) appoint one or more records officers who will be trained to work with the state archives in the care, maintenance, scheduling, disposal, classification, designation, access, and preservation of records;

(emphasis added)

What is a CAO?

A CAO is a government employee, such as an Executive Director, County Commissioner, City Manager or Mayor, etc, whose job is to oversee the proper and effective management of, and access to, government records.

  The chief administrative officer of each governmental entity shall:
(1) establish and maintain an active, continuing program for the economical and efficient management of the governmental entity’s records as provided by this chapter and Title 63G, Chapter 2, Government Records Access and Management Act;
(2) appoint one or more records officers who will be trained to work with the state archives in the care, maintenance, scheduling, disposal, classification, designation, access, and preservation of records;
(3) ensure that officers and employees of the governmental entity that receive or process records requests receive required training on the procedures and requirements of this chapter and Title 63G, Chapter 2, Government Records Access and Management Act;
(4) make and maintain adequate and proper documentation of the organization, functions, policies, decisions, procedures, and essential transactions of the governmental entity designed to furnish information to protect the legal and financial rights of persons directly affected by the entity’s activities;
(5) submit to the state archivist proposed schedules of records for final approval by the records committee;
(6) cooperate with the state archivist in conducting surveys made by the state archivist;
(7) comply with rules issued by the Department of Administrative Services as provided by Section 63A-12-104;
(8) report to the state archives the designation of record series that it maintains;
(9) report to the state archives the classification of each record series that is classified; and

(10) establish and report to the state archives retention schedules for objects that the governmental entity determines are not defined as a record under Section 63G-2-103, but that have historical or evidentiary value.

When do I need to certify as a records officer?

Each records officer is required to take the training annually (Utah Code 63G-2-108). It is available now.

How often do I need to certify?

Records officers are required by law to certify annually. Records officers who pass the exam on January 3, 2013 will need to plan on taking the exam again on, or before, January 3, 2014. Records officers will receive a reminder email 30 days prior to the expiration of their certification.

Where can I find the Records Officer Certification Manual and Exam?

All of the required certification materials can be found on the Archives website:

1. Navigate to

2. Select “Records Management” from the main page.

3. Select “Training”

4. Click on the link “Online Records Officer Certification”

Can I complete the certification exam even if I am not the appointed records officer for my agency?

Yes, all State of Utah employees are invited to complete the certification exam process. Employees who are not the appointed records officer for their entity must select the following option when completing the registration form:

“I am an employee of a governmental entity, but not an official records officer.

I didn’t receive an email from the Archives with a link to the exam. How can I register for the exam?

1. Navigate to

2. Select “Records Management” from the main page.

3. Select “Training”

4. Click on the link “Online Records Officer Certification”

5. Click on the link “Register as a new records officer

6. Complete all of the fields on the form and submit the form for review.

7. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to the exam once your registration has been approved.

Is there a cost to take the certification exam?

No, the certification exam is free.

What happens if I don’t pass the exam?

Records officers who do not score a 75 percent or higher on the exam can retake the exam as many times as needed to receive a passing score.  To retake the exam, simply click on the link in your confirmation email. If you accidentally delete the confirmation email, please call the Archives and we will resend your link.

I started the exam but can’t finish it today, will I need to start the exam over?

No. The exam includes four parts. Each time you complete one part of the exam, your submissions are saved to our database. You can exit the exam after any one of the four parts. To reenter the exam, simply click on the link in your confirmation email.

***NOTE*** If you have completed only half of the questions for part two of the exam and need to exit, your answers for part two will not be saved.

A New Website for the Archives

new_websiteDecember 2012 is a season of change here at the Division of Archives and Records Service. This week, the Archives, along with the Department of Administrative Services, will launch a fully redesigned website. In addition to a brand new look, here is a list of changes records officers can expect on the new website.

1. Access to all Divisions of the Department of Administrative Services

Visitors to our current website are familiar with seeing menu options for just the Archives. The new website allows visitors to navigate to any division within the Department of Administrative Services from the Archives webpages. Be careful when clicking Fleet or Finance, you will be directed to each respective webpage; not a listing of records held by those divisions.

2. New Navigation Menu

Records officers’ familiar with our current website can recall two menus; a list of options in a horizontal row across the top of the webpage and a vertical menu bar down the left side of the webpage. The new webpage features only one menu for Archives services; a vertical menu on the right side of the webpage.

On the Records Management webpage, the menu has options for viewing “News and Features (such as the blog), a link to “Resources” we provide (forms, FAQ, Glossary, Guidelines and Policies), and additional links to all of the records management and Archives services.

3. A New Micro-graphics Page

Previously, information about Archives micro-imaging services and costs were buried deep on the records management page. Now, records officers can easily select micro-graphics from the records management webpage. The micro-graphics webpage highlights the services provided and a direct link to the costs for services.

4. “I want to…” Section

Records officers can now quickly navigate directly to the information they seek from the “I want to…” section at the bottom of the webpage. For example, records officers can select options such as:

  • Register for Training
  • Certify as a Records Officer
  • Know How Long to Keep Records
  • Know What the Archives Has From My Agency
  • Submit a New Series
  • Edit an Existing Series
  • Transfer Records

5. A New Page for the Records Ombudsman

Members of the public and records officers will now be able to view the services of the Records Ombudsman from the new website. Both parties will be able to view and download records requests forms, contact the ombudsman, and review laws and other resources that relate to records access in Utah.

6. Coming Soon…

  • A brand new search engine! The new search engine will not be released with the new version of the webpage. We expect to roll out this new feature in 2013.
  • Records Officer Certification training. To be posted later this month.

Check back often for additional posts about other changes at the Archives.