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Spotlight On: Rosanne Ricks, Human Resource Director

May 30, 2017 Comments off


This month we are spotlighting Rosanne Ricks, a Human Resource Director with Utah’s Department of Human Resource Management (DHRM).

Rosanne has been a records officer for many years, though her “main” job is as an internal auditor. She is working on two major records projects at the moment: updating all of DHRM’s series-specific retention schedules, and creating a records management guide for DHRM employees. The ultimate goal for these projects is to see less confusion and more consistency across the department in the handling of state records.

Rosanne’s work on these projects requires a massive effort. She currently spends about one-third of her work time updating DHRM’s series, and she collaborates regularly with DHRM management, agency liability attorneys, and State Archives employees. When asked what she wishes she’d known when she started, she replied “a greater awareness of the types of records my own agency generates and maintains.”

We asked Rosanne what she’s learned throughout these projects, and what advice she’d give to other records officers. Here are her replies:

“Take advantage of all the great information and materials posted on the [State Archives] website for records management. They are easy to understand and provide a wealth of information.

Collaboration is the only way to accomplish a project like this. Get everyone’s eyes to look at the project, as employees often have duties related to a task that others are not aware of.”

That’s good advice for everyone!

Thanks for all the hard work you do, Rosanne; we salute you!

Portal Training Materials Now Online

February 13, 2017 Comments off

The training materials from our most recent Open Records Portal training sessions have been posted online:


January 17 training (in-person and online)


February 3 training (online only)



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Special Training for Special & Local Districts

January 10, 2017 Comments off

If you work for a special district, local district, or interlocal, we invite you personally to join one of our upcoming Open Records Portal training sessions:


Tuesday, January 17, 2017
10 AM – 12 PM
• Live in person at the State Archives in Salt Lake
• Live online at


Friday, February 3, 2017
10 AM – 12 PM
• Live online at


We will provide an overview of the Open Records Portal, basic records management, the Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA), and requirements for posting to the Utah Public Notice Website.


• All are welcome to attend these sessions, but the training will be directed to the specific needs and requirements of special service and local districts, as well as interlocals.

• Recordings of the training sessions will be available on our YouTube channel after 2 business days.

• You may register for training on our website.

Fall Conference Presentation Materials Online

October 6, 2016 1 comment

Most of the conference material is available for viewing at the links listed below. This information can also be found on our website at We plan to post more material over the next week, including any additional reference files (such as spreadsheets, etc.), and cleaned up videos of presentations (with audio fixed as best as possible).


Thanks to everyone for participating in the conference!


Materials available online:


Event Program
Event Recording, Part 1 (Use Bookmarks on left to navigate directly to presentations)
Event Recording, Part 2 (Use Bookmarks on left to navigate directly to presentations)


Kami Ball, Utah Valley University
Establishing a Records Management Committee
Presentation slides


Brett McKeachnie, Utah Valley University
UVU Email Retention Ideas
Presentation slides


Jim Kichas, Utah State Archives
Preservation Team: Understanding Formats
Presentation slides


Michael Hakkarinen, Utah Education Network
Expectations of a Constantly Connected Generation
EdTecHakk website
Presentation slides, part 1
Presentation slides, part 2



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GRAMA Certification Test Has Been Updated

June 29, 2016 3 comments

The GRAMA certification test has been updated. The following changes were implemented:

  • Questions were revised to be less “tricky”
  • Some questions were removed
  • Hyperlinks to the applicable portion of the law were added to each question

And here’s a tip: these tests are open book. That means you can access the law, the training materials, and whatever else you like when you take the test. You can do a search on a webpage or document (press CTRL + F) to find specific words mentioned in the question, and use that to help you find the answer. One purpose of the test is for you to know how to find the answer to your real-life questions, so using your resources is not cheating.

Do you have suggestions for the GRAMA or Records Management Essentials tests? Let us know! Email the analysts at with feedback.



Certification Test Info and Links

  • Records officers need a 75% or higher to pass the test.
  • Records officers may take either the “GRAMA & Records Access” test OR the “Records Management Essentials” test to certify.
    • If you handle GRAMA requests, we recommend you take the GRAMA test first, then alternate between the two tests every other year.
    • If you don’t handle GRAMA requests, you don’t need to take the GRAMA test.
  • All appointed records officers are required to certify annually, but anyone is welcome to do so.
  • The link to the certification test (and other helpful links) can be found at
  • Certification training materials may be found at
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GRAMA Certification Test Will Be Unavailable June 27-28

June 20, 2016 2 comments

We will be updating the GRAMA certification test on Monday, June 27 and Tuesday, June 28. The test will be unavailable during the update.


If you are in the middle of taking the GRAMA certification test, now would be a good time to complete it, as all partially-finished tests will be reset at that time.


The records management certification test will be unaffected.


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Updated GRAMA Law Posted

May 13, 2016 Comments off

We’ve updated our GRAMA PDF to reflect the latest changes to the law, and the new document is available on our website.  We created two versions this time:

The following sections of the law were updated (links are to the official legislative webpages):


GRAMA Law (for printing)

GRAMA Law (equal margins)

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