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Updating School District Fixed Asset Schedule

December 13, 2016

School District schedule 4-2, 4-4 and 4-5 are being overwritten by county schedule 4-6. If you go to the county schedule on our website, it will be hyperlinked to the new schedule. Retention is now four years longer. Don’t worry if you have already destroyed records per the old schedule. Please update your records so the updated retention will be followed from this point going forward. If you wish to keep the previous retention for your record series, please contact your analyst.  Below is the old schedule, then the updated schedule. If you have any questions, please call us at 801-531-3863.


These are either forms or records completed by school districts when district property is disposed of either by public auction, competitive bidding, trade, or destruction. Includes date, department name, description of item, value, disposition method, and reason, condition, value and approval signature.
Retention: Retain for 3 years after disposition of property and then destroy.


These are listings of all district property (buildings and real estate), vehicles, equipment, and furniture. Includes description, cost, date purchased, location, vendor name, and depreciation.
Retention: Retain for 3 years after updated or superseded and then destroy.
(Approved 12/1996)


These files document the sale of surplus school district property. They include invitations, bids, acceptances, lists of materials, evidence of sales, and related correspondence.
Retention: Retain for 3 years after final payment and destroy. NOTE: Federal surplus property may have separate requirements (See specific grants).
(Approved 12/1996)


These records relate to tangible assets such as property and equipment owned by a governmental entity. Information includes substantiation, purchases, deprecation, inventories, and related records.
Retention: Retain 5-10 years after disposition of asset and then destroy.
(Approved 12/2015)

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